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Small Group Classes, Workshops and Retreats

All modalities can be booked individually or combined to create unique small group experiences for your team or at your studio. Wim Hof Method, Nai’a Integrative Breathwork, Oxygen Advantage, primal movement, yoga, ecstatic dance and more! Contact us and let’s create an experience that will propel you forward to live, express and experience like never before!

Small Group Classes Workshops and Retreats

One on One Breathwork and Coaching

60 and 90 minute one on one calls can be life changing and extremely powerful for optimizing breathing patterns, working through emotional and mental blocks and patterns, attachments and limiting self beliefs. These sessions can be tailored to focus strictly on functional breathing and breathing exercises to help you perform at your best or can combine coaching along with one on one breathing sessions to amplify results.

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Book a free Zoom consultation in order to determine if we are a good fit to work together to optimize your performance in all areas of your life!

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Testimonials from the folks who have learned to breathe & changed their lives for the better.