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The Power of Breath

 Jeff is the founder of breathARMY. His mission is to educate, inspire and empower others to live to their true potential. He offers tools to break through the structures that hold us back from living and expressing that potential in the world.

Jeff has studied, trained and practiced with some of the world’s leading breathwork and movement facilitators. Wim HofPatrick McKeown and Brian Mackenzie are a few of the influences that have led to the creation of breathARMY, a unique offering of breathwork, meditation, movement and exposure to natural stressors that help us to regain our own true nature.

Jeff also works as a paramedic for the British Columbia Ambulance Service and resides in Victoria, BC.

In this episode Jeff and I talk about his path to creating breathARMY, why the breath is so powerful, why many people are breathing using the incorrect technique and how we need to change this.

Thank you for choosing to listen, I hope you enjoy the content as much as I enjoy creating it.

Stay Whole

Sunjay Vyas

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