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Teachings about the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine

“She is a wild, tangled forest with temples and treasures concealed within.”― John Mark Green

The divine masculine and divine feminine are far beyond our mistaken ideas of gender labels. Instead, it is a pathway to eternal bliss when harnessed in balance and harmony. We as humans are capable of channelizing the power of these sacred energies and create a place that defines humanity in its true spirit.” ~ Bhanushree Goyal

This is the first time I’ve interviewed two people at the same time! and I couldn’t have chosen better than Jada and Jeff!  Their individual and combined energy created an enlightening, healing and transforming experience.  So Listen Up! Take this journey with them, as they talk about some personal experiences, working with our “shadow,” and remembering who we actually are, always were, and always will be.   As we remember who we are, we heal ourselves, each other and the planet at the highest, most sacred level. Be enchanted and inspired as Jada and Jeff  guide us through this labyrynth of lies, pain and distortion we live in and we become more grounded and alive.  With love at the center, we can remember how to connect with the kundalini energy that is truly in all of us and brings us back home to ourselves.  We can be the change we want to see, and have the power to transform the world with integrity and hope. Jada and Jeff help us remember and reclaim our true Divinity. To learn more about Jada’s offerings, her website is and for Jeff’s offerings,

“Spiritual maturity  is about nurturing, honoring, and balancing both sides of your nature. And ALL men, women, and non-binary people/trans, possess both the masculine and feminine aspects inside. Ignoring, suppressing, demonizing, or treating one type of energy as “less than” another is immature and ultimately creates suffering. Don’t give fuel to your shadow self. Don’t perpetuate more division within this world. Learn how to awaken both types of energy within yourself in a healthy way.” ~ Aletheia Luna

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