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Breathwork ~ Cold Exposure ~ Leadership Training

Become a heart-led expert sharing powerful, transformative tools guided by the wisdom of your own process of initiation and deep transformation.

Program Overview and Philosophy

The lightFORCE Academy weaves timeless spiritual wisdom with modern scientific understanding to create an unparalleled container for learning, healing and growth.

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that every individual holds the key to their own healing. We provide the tools, knowledge, and supportive environment to unlock this potential, guiding you towards personal mastery and the ability to lead others on their healing journey in your unique and authentic way.

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This program is a calling for those who feel drawn to guide and heal:


Wellness Practitioners



Yoga teacher

Yoga Teachers


Seekers of Self-Discovery

“Whether you seek professional growth or personal evolution, our program offers the depth, support, and community needed to flourish as a facilitator, healer and human.”

The Student Journey


Your journey begins with understanding the foundational theories and practices of breathwork, setting the stage for your transformation and your depth of understanding that will set you apart from other breathworkers in this field.


As you progress, immerse yourself in hands-on experiences, cultivating practical skills while deepening your own personal practice and understanding. Start to develop your own unique way of sharing concepts and facilitating that feels deeply authentic to you


Graduate as a confident, competent, and certified breathwork and cold exposure facilitator – equipped to inspire and guide others in their healing journeys will continuing to deepen your own embodiment and relationship with these practices.

Program Structure and Immersion Details

Our curriculum weaves together:

interactive sessions

Hands On Practical Sessions

Online modules

Online Modules

Transformative in person

Transformative In-Person Immersions


Interactive Group Learning


Personal Mentorship

This holistic approach ensures a comprehensive learning experience. We believe that personal embodiment is PARAMOUNT to safe and authentic heart-led facilitation and transmission beyond the mechanical delivery of intellectual knowledge and singular techniques.

Our 12 month container ensures the deep personal work that will set you apart as a leader in this field and the community and integrity of this powerful container will support you in this process!

Program Layout:

Monthly Group Calls

  • First Wednesday of each month (not including months containing immersions) at 6:30 pm Pacific Time (Mandatory)
  • Throughout the training we will focus on different themes and archetypes in our group calls.

Bi-Monthly One On One Calls

  • Scheduled during first full week of every second month (not including months containing immersions) (Mandatory)

Facilitator Led Online Breathwork Training Calls and Check Ins

  • Third Wednesday of each month (optional)

One On One Ongoing Mentorship

  • Unlimited text/voice messaging and extra calls assessed upon request if required

Ongoing Mentorship And Community Support After Program Completion

  • Bi-monthly lightFORCE Graduate Group Calls
  • Ongoing one on one support with mutual agreement


Experience the power of shared growth in the 3 immersive retreats during the program.

  • Engage with hands on learning and demonstration as well as deep personal experiences of advanced techniques, and bond with a community of like-minded leaders committed to doing the real work and walking the walk – not just talking meaningless talk.
  • The focus of the immersions will be experiential along with assessment.
  • Final assessment will be at the third immersion for certification.


    • First Immersion: June 6 to 9 Nicola Lake, British Columbia
    • Second Immersion: Nov 21 to 24 Okanagan Area, British Columbia
    • Third Immersion: June 11 to 15 Okanagan Area, British Columbia


In order to receive a certificate of completion, the facilitator must display a basic level of competency in communicating information, assessing clients 1 on 1 and holding ceremonial space. If competency is not displayed, the facilitator will be required to attend further immersions and complete further assignments to obtain this level of competency.

As a special bonus for joining our Leadership Training, gain exclusive access to 'The Breathwork Blueprint 3.0 - Beyond Breath', an in-depth 10-week online course valued at $997 CAD. This program complements and deepens your learning journey with us.

The Breathwork Blueprint:

What is The Breathwork Blueprint?

This comprehensive program, goes beyond traditional techniques. It offers tools, & understanding to foster lasting change in your life.

By integrating the principles of functional breathing and nervous system regulation into your daily routine along with the most powerful breathwork techniques, you’ll cultivate awareness, regulate your nervous system, and connect with your true, authentic self.

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Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore the rich history of breathwork.
  • Understand the biomechanics and biochemistry of breathing.
  • Learn how to use breathing as a tool for self-regulation and emotional transformation.
  • Delve into the connections between:
    • The nervous system,
    • Polyvagal theory,
    • Trauma,
    • The brain, and
    • Breathwork.
  • Experience how breathwork can:
    • Induce non-ordinary states of reality,
    • Heal trauma, and
    • Connect you to your higher self.
  • Find freedom through replacing old patterns of reaction, self sabotaging behaviors and limiting beliefs with regulated reponses and expanded awareness of your true potential.

Program Structure:

Benefit from over 13 hours of pre-recorded lessons delivered in 45- 90 minutes recordings each week, alongside extensive practical labs to embody the lessons.

These lessons cover a breadth of topics from breathing mechanics to the psychophysiology of breath and are designed to fit into your busy schedule.

Ongoing Community

Become part of a vibrant community of like minded leaders.

Share experiences, collaborate, and grow together, forming connections that last beyond the program to create the supportive infrastructure that will aid you in your continued evolution.

Meet Jeff

Our program is led by Jeff Sorensen, a renowned breathwork expert with over 15 years of experience in holistic practices.

His journey and teachings are a testament to the transformative power of breath. Having learned from many of the world’s top experts and through the deep embodiment of these teachings along with his own rich history of life experiences, Jeff is able to teach beyond the breath and share wisdom that far exceeds the scope of most facilitators in this field.

“Jeff is one of those rare people who chose to take his experiences and learn from them while simultaneously not attaching himself to those experiences. His story is mind-boggling, and yet he remains unattached and lives closer to freedom than most will ever allow themselves to.”
Brian Mac
Brian Mackenzie
Founder & Creative Director of SHIFT, Co-Founder and President of The Health and Human Performance Foundation

Curriculum Highlights:

Explore the intricacies of breathwork and cold exposure, from the mechanics and chemistry of breathing to the nuances of nervous system regulation and cold exposure. Learn to facilitate safe and transformative sessions for individuals and groups, mastering ceremony and leadership.

What’s included:

  • In-Depth In Person Training Sessions and Immersive Retreats (Value: $5000)
  • Personal Mentorship (Value: $2000): Bi-monthly one-on-one mentoring sessions for personalized guidance and support.
  • Group Online Learning Experience (Value: $2000): Monthly group calls and collaborative learning with peers.
  • Practical Application and Case Studies (Value: $2000): Hands-on experience with case studies and group facilitation with personalized and detailed feedback.
  • Immersive Retreats (Value: $3000): Experiential learning through in-person immersions, enhancing real-world skills
  • The Breathwork Blueprint ($1000)
  • Additional Components: “Integrate complementary practices like embodiment exercises, plant and spirit ally connection and ceremonial leadership to enrich your facilitator toolkit.”

The total investment for this transformative experience is $5555 CAN + tax

  • This includes all course materials, mentorship, access to our community resources, and The Breathwork Blueprint.
  • Not Including Cost of Immersions (Travel/Accommodation/
  • Payment plans and a sliding scale/partial scholarship is available upon request. Please ask. We want to ensure that this life-changing journey is accessible to all who are called to it.

Welcome to a path where your breath and body are your guides to your own personal transformation and embodied wisdom. 

Common Questions:

If you are a super busy person, then this course is even MORE important for you! Connecting to your breath and body allows you to move through life in a more fluid and effective way. Respond to situations rather than react. Be more decisive as you are more effectively able to tap into your intuition and “gut feelings.” Using the power of your breath to manage your internal state allows you to more easily “turn on” when you need to be productive and “turn off” when it is time to relax. In short, when you are harnessing the power of your breath, you are a far more effective, efficient and content human being.

The program is designed for wellness practitioners, therapists, yoga teachers, and seekers of self-discovery who aspire to lead and heal in authentic ways. It benefits both seasoned professionals and those without prior experience, as it offers foundational knowledge alongside advanced techniques, making it accessible and enriching for everyone committed to personal and professional growth.

The student journey begins with learning foundational theories and practices of breathwork, progressing through hands-on experiences and personal transformation. It ensures the development of competent facilitators by emphasizing personal embodiment, practical skills, and the creation of unique facilitation methods. The journey culminates in certification, granted to those who demonstrate competency in communication, client assessment, and ceremonial space holding.

The program’s structure is holistic, combining online modules for theoretical understanding, interactive practical sessions for skill development, and transformative in-person immersions for deep, experiential learning. This balanced approach ensures comprehensive training that emphasizes personal embodiment and authentic, heart-led facilitation.

The Breathwork Blueprint complements the leadership training by offering an in-depth exploration of breathwork beyond traditional techniques. It provides tools and understanding for lasting change, integrating functional breathing and nervous system regulation, thereby deepening participants’ practice and enhancing their facilitation skills.

After program completion, graduates receive ongoing support through bi-monthly graduate group calls and one-on-one support with mutual agreement. This ensures continuous professional development, mentorship, and a connection to the community, reinforcing the skills and knowledge acquired during the program.

Safety and authenticity are paramount in the program’s facilitation techniques. This is ensured through comprehensive training in the scientific and spiritual aspects of breathwork and cold exposure, adherence to best practices, and a focus on personal embodiment and understanding. Facilitators are trained to assess individual needs, create safe environments, and deliver techniques in a way that honors each participant’s unique journey.

Are you ready to step into your power and full expression as a leader of breathwork and cold exposure facilitation?

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