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Breathwork Basics provides the simple foundations to craft a breathwork practice that can create profound positive impacts in your life!!

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Breathwork Basics?

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The possibilities are endless once you discover how much influence you have over your body and mind. However, common things these practices can have an impact on include anxiety, depression, asthma and allergies.

The Breathwork Basics Series is full of simple & powerful techniques including Superventilation, Reduced Breathing, Cadence Breathing, Box Breathing, Apnea Breathing & more!

Jeff has studied, trained and practiced with some of the world’s leading breathwork and movement facilitators. All in Jeff has more than 15 years of related experience involving breathwork, yoga, meditation and more!

Wim Hof, Patrick McKeown, Brian Mackenzie, David Shannahoff Khalsa and Jhenneviev Heartt are a few of the influences that have led to the creation of breathARMY.