Jeffrey C Sorensen is the founder of breathARMY. A movement which incorporates the modalities of breathwork, movement, meditation and rewilding through temperature and nature to provide people with tools and experiences to empower them to live to their highest potential. Jeff has traveled the world and trained with some true masters and deeply embodies what he teaches. Jeff works with elite performers in sport as well as public and corporate group classes and retreats as well as working with people one on one coaching. In this episode Jeff bravely shares his pathway through life that lead him through times of darkness that lead to his journey of self discovery and healing


  • Soul guidance as informed by trauma.
  • Jeff’s pathway to recovery from opiate addiction with yoga meditation and breath.
  • Wim Hof method and functional breathing to remediate somatic trauma
  • Jeff’s path to the creation of breathyARMY
  • What is “breathwork”, and what is occurring in the anatomy and the physiology of breath that is so impactful in transformational healing
  • The physiology of breath to mediate the bodies PH balance in holistic health
  • Breath for digesting emotional residue and the infinite potential of breath to heal.
  • The western approach the breath and the small self as a witness of the breath of consciousness.
  • The medicine of being witnessed in healing and the power of the container.
  • The release of dormant trauma and grieving that can be found and released with breath practice.
  • Common ailments such as anxiety and symptoms of dysregulated nervous systems that benefit from functional breathing education and practice.
  • Leveraging your nervous system with breath, free course work available on Jeff’s website.
  • Harmful misconceptions related to breathing and breathwork.


  • Wim Hof Method:
  • The mathematics of weight loss | Ruben Meerman
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